Ruppal Singh

Front-End Web Developer

I love building beautiful static websites, complex web-apps, and interesting bits in between. In my off time, I'm usually reading about privacy. Ocassionally, I blog.



Speedo On Speedo On—Samsung landing page Azim Moollan


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— Spike Bowen, Mediablaze Group Ltd.

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Tim Cartwright, Freelancer

Skills / Education

HTML5 SASS/CSS JavaScript (ES6/ES2015) React Apps HTML Email Templates WordPress Theme Configuration/Setup Gulp & Webpack

Some external resources I have found useful:

Books: Dive into HTML5 by Mark Pilgrim
Udacity: Building High Conversion Web Forms
CodeAstra: Building static websites using Jekyll and Middleman Practicing algorithms using Ruby Building a full webapp using Ruby on Rails Creating APIs using Ruby on Rails Organising JavaScript code using AngularJS on the front-end Incorporating a Backend-as-a-Service such as Parse and Firebase into an AngularJS app Using Ionic to build hybrid mobile apps Using tooling such as Gulp to automate repetitive tasks Using the GNU/Linux command line


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